A Drug Rehab To Save Your Life

Drug rehab is a type of treatment that assists those who are dealing with addiction from substances. With many different types of drugs, there are many different types of treatment. However, DDR creates a personalized tailored recovery program that help you. 

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Understanding Treatment

The process of getting into rehab can be made difficult. However, we believe it is a much simpler experience. Below you will find the simple three step process of how to get the most out of your rehab experience. 

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Getting separated from substances is always step number one. You cannot get addiction treatment while using. So, detox is a necessary beginning step.  


Residential treatment is a great place to work on your foundation. While in residential/PHP, you will have plenty of time to focus on building new patterns of thoughts and behaviors. 


Outpatient is the final step of the rehab process. While in an outpatient setting, clients are able to process life in the real world through group therapy sessions daily. 

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Find Treatment Perfect For You

Perhaps the most difficult part of getting treatment is finding the right drug rehab center. With a zillion choices, it may seem overwhelming which place to choose. However, finding a rehab near you is probably the best starting point. If you are in Texas, DDR may be the best option for you! With sober living, outpatient, and a wide variety of clinical services, we are here to help!

The Costs Of Drug Rehabs

Costs will ultimately depend on a wide variety of things. Most centers are between $1,500-$35,000 per month. The costs will ultimately be dictated by the location of the program, what amenities are provided, the clinical structure, and how aesthetic the center is. Luckily, many centers accept insurance. At DDR, we are willing to work with you! 

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